Wordtune now recommends improvements as you write within the Editor.

You will be presented with a panel on the right-hand side as you write, listing recommendations for improvements. These recommendations are underlined in purple on your text.

You can click on either of these to see what Wordtune suggests as an alternative improvement.

If you close the recommendations panel, the purple underlining will also hide itself.

The types of Recommendations available are:

  • Increase Fluency

    These recommendations aim to better articulate your text, giving it a more natural sound and flow.

  • Enhance Vocabulary

    • Use Specific Words

      These recommendations suggest replacing generic words with specific ones that fit better in the context, adding sophistication and a professional touch to your writing.

    • Avoid Repetitions

      These recommendations suggest replacing words that appear several times in a paragraph with synonyms that fit perfectly in the context and lend a richer feel to your writing.

  • Improve Clarity

    • Sentence Splitting

      These recommendations help you avoid long and convoluted sentences. They suggest when it may be appropriate to split a long sentence into several shorter ones.

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