Wordtune Read offers a revolutionary reading experience that helps you read long documents and articles. Our advanced AI creates your own summary — like a study guide — for any article or PDF, so you can skim the key points.

Start by installing the Wordtune extension and importing a document into the app. You can either paste a URL of an online article or upload a PDF file from your computer. Uploading a PDF file can be done by dragging and dropping the file or by pressing the “browse” button.

Wordtune Read will add short summaries next to each passage of the text. When hovering over a summary, highlights will appear over the original text, showing you what the key points are. If you prefer, you can toggle the highlights to always be displayed throughout the document.

Besides reading, you can easily export or copy the summaries to use them outside the Wordtune app. Each summary has a copy button to quickly copy it to your clipboard, and two buttons at the top navigation bar allow you to copy all the summaries or export them to a Microsoft Word format.

Happy Reading!

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