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What can Wordtune do?
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Supported documents for summarization
Supported documents for summarization

Summarize online articles, PDF files, pasted text, and Youtube videos

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Wordtune can read and summarize several types of content, including:

  • Online publications (e.g., blog posts, web pages, news articles)

  • PDF files

  • Written or pasted text

  • YouTube videos (when using the Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge extension)

Here's how it looks in the Wordtune Editor:

How does it work?

Upload PDF: Upload or drag a PDF directly from your files.

Import Link: Copy and paste any article URL (including PDF URLs).

Paste Text: Copy and paste any text into the summarizer text box.

Why can't Wordtune open my PDF file?

  • Wordtune may not support all scanned PDF files.

  • Wordtune may not support large PDF files, with 300+ pages or 10MB+ file sizes.

  • Wordtune may not support online PDFs behind a payment wall or PDFs that require authorization, such as academic paper with restricted access.

Why can’t Wordtune open my online article?

  • Check whether the article is blocked behind a payment wall or requires additional authorization (such as a Google Document with sharing requirements).

  • Occasionally, Wordtune can’t parse a particular website well. Reach out to us via the messenger icon and we will try to add support to this website.

Anything else?

To contact us, click on the messenger icon in the lower-right corner of this page.

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