Wordtune Read can read and summarize documents of the following types:

  1. Online articles (blog posts, web pages, etc.)

  2. PDF files

Online articles

To read an online article, copy and paste the URL to this article in Wordtune Read and press “READ”

Why can’t Wordtune Read open my online article?

  • With online articles, it usually means that the article is behind a payment wall or authorization: for example, a Google Docs document or an article open for website members.

  • If this is not the case, it may be that Wordtune Read can’t parse this particular website well. You can reach out to us with the link and we will try to add support to this website.

PDF files

To read a PDF file, you can either paste a URL to an online PDF or upload a file from your computer.

Why can't Wordtune Read open my PDF file?

  • Wordtune Read doesn’t support scanned PDF files.

  • Wordtune Read might fail on very large PDF files, with either over 300 pages or over 10MB in file size.

  • If it’s an online PDF, it might be that the file is behind a payment wall or authorization: for example, an academic paper with restricted access.

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