Rewriting paragraphs with Wordtune
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Plus and Unlimited subscribers can use Wordtune to rewrite full paragraphs. This feature is not available to free users at this time.

In Wordtune, what is considered a paragraph?

  • Text with 2 or more sentences.

  • Texts that start and end with a new line, initiated by pressing the Enter (↵) key.

  • When using bullet points or numbered lists, each bullet is treated as a paragraph of its own.

Learn how to rewrite a paragraph a Wordtune:

  1. Highlight (or triple-click) your paragraph with 2+ sentences.

  2. In the Editor, click “Rewrite”. In the Wordtune extension, click the floating Wordtune icon.

  3. When the Wordtune pop-up card opens, toggle between “Sentence” and “Paragraph” in the card’s upper-right corner drop-down menu.

  4. After selecting "Paragraph," choose from a drop-down list of rewritten options.

💡 Tip: Whether you choose 'Sentence' or 'Paragraph', Wordtune will remember your settings for the next time you rewrite a paragraph.

Special Note

  • When a paragraph is too long to rewrite at once, Wordtune may break it up into smaller segments and provide suggestions for each one.

  • Longer texts may take longer processing time.

We are constantly working to improve Wordtune so that it can handle longer paragraphs. If you have feedback or examples of paragraphs you would love Wordtune to rewrite, please contact us using the chat button in the bottom right corner of this page.

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