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Smart Synonyms for words & phrases with Wordtune
Smart Synonyms for words & phrases with Wordtune
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Using Wordtune's Smart Synonyms, you can highlight a word and get a list of suggestions and synonyms that enhance the quality of your text, and it suggests only synonyms that sound natural within the context of that particular sentence. It is available to both free and premium users.

Here is an example of Wordtune displaying multiple synonyms for 'use' in different contexts based on one word highlighted in the Editor.

Example 1 - Using the context below, we use Wordtune Rewrite to obtain appropriate synonyms for the word “use”.

Example 2 - We're still highlighting the word "use" in the following example, but the context now refers to a fork rather than an axe. See how the suggestions change based on the context:

Example 3 - In this final example, Wordtune Rewrite is used to paraphrase an entire sentence.

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