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What languages does Wordtune support?
What languages does Wordtune support?

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Wordtune's Write and Paraphrase Tool has a variety of functions. Most of them currently produce results only in English.

When using our paraphrasing feature, your output will be in English. However that doesn't mean you cannot input content in other languages. Just note that the results will be in English.

The languages that this Wordtune features currently supports include: Spanish, Mandarin, Arabic, Hindi, Korean, Hebrew, Russian, German, French or Portuguese into English. Read more here.

Generative Features
Our Generative AI features in the Write and Paraphrase Tool have a little more freedom and can produce output in some other languages, but we can only currently promise English output, for now.

Overall, this makes it an excellent tool for non-native English speakers, communicating with the world around, as it can understand a range of languages as input and provide you with the English output you're looking for.

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