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How to use the Wordtune for Word Add-in
How to use the Wordtune for Word Add-in
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  1. To open the Add-in, click on the Wordtune button in the Home menu.

  2. Wordtune will open in a side panel, next to your document. Click Let’s Start.

  3. You will be directed to your browser, where you will need to sign up or log in with your Wordtune account.

    ⓘ If you are using Word on the Web, you might need to allow
    pop-ups in your browser settings before you create or log
    into your Wordtune account.

  4. Once you are logged in, go back to Microsoft Word and click the Connect button.

  5. You will be redirected to the Rewrite screen.

  6. Highlight the text in the document that you would like to rewrite and wait for it to load in the side panel.

  7. Click Rewrite or one of our Premium feature buttons. Wordtune’s suggestions will appear at the bottom of the side panel.

  8. Click on your desired suggestion and it will be incorporated into your text.

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