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How to disable the Wordtune extension on specific websites
How to disable the Wordtune extension on specific websites
Updated over a week ago

The Wordtune Chrome extension and Microsoft Edge Add-on can be temporarily disabled and enabled on certain websites.

Rather than uninstalling Wordtune completely, you can customize its settings on specific websites. Once the extension is temporarily disabled, the floating Wordtune icon will no longer appear on any webpages on that website.

To temporarily disable the Wordtune Chrome extension on a specific website:

  1. Click on the Wordtune extension icon on your browser's toolbar. Your Wordtune extension will be located at the top right corner of your page, either pinned to the toolbar or under the puzzle icon.

  2. Under "Settings for this site", switch the "Paraphrasing" toggle to on/off. You will see a red "OFF" written over the Wordtune extension icon in your toolbar.

  3. To re-enable the Wordtune extension on that website, simply click the Wordtune extension icon again and switch the toggle.

For Microsoft Edge users, click the puzzle at the top right corner of the page to disable Wordtune Add-On:

If you need any additional assistance, please reach out to us via our support chat (bottom right of this screen). We'll get back to you as soon as we can!

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