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Wordtune Read Chrome Extension
Wordtune Read Chrome Extension
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The Wordtune Read Chrome extension provides a quick and easy way to read online articles and PDF files in Wordtune Read.

Once the extension is installed, click on the button to open the article you are reading in Wordtune Read.

Download the extension here

This article will cover the following topics:

  • How to add Wordtune Read Extension

  • How to use the Wordtune Read Extension

  • How to upload a document using Wordtune Read Extension

How to add the Wordtune Read Extension:

To add the Wordtune Read Extension, first download the extension on Google Chrome, and then you can pin Wordtune's Read browser extension to your toolbar for easier access. To do that, click the puzzle icon in the top right corner of the browser window and then click the pin icon to add the extension to your toolbar.

Once you install the extension, you should see the Wordtune Read icon in the top bar of your browser:

Check out the video guide below for instructions on how to add the Wordtune Read Extension:

How to use the Read extension:

  1. Open any site - Open an online article or PDF in your browser to get started.

  2. Click on the Wordtune Read Extension - Wordtune Read will appear on supported sites in the upper right corner.

  3. Understand more, faster - Wordtune will present the top 3 summaries for the article and provide the option to visit the full summary on the Wordtune Read page.

And now you can easily continue reading the article inside Wordtune Read with a click of a button.

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