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Wordtune Read Youtube Summaries
Wordtune Read Youtube Summaries
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Wordtune Read extension can now summarize youtube videos!

Let's get started:

First, download the Wordtune Read extension from the chrome web store (here)

Watch the video below to learn how to summarize videos with Wordtune Read:

Play any youtube video and the extension will appear instantly once you go to the Youtube channel and select a video.

The first time you'll be prompted with a message saying “Wordtune can now summarize youtube videos".

Summary boxes will appear in the extension, summarizing what was said in the video. Each summary box will have a timestamp. Having a timestamp means that you can click a chosen box and it will bring you to that part of the video that you are watching.

On the bottom of the the extension you'll have the option to "Copy all to clipboard" and you can then paste all of the summarized text from the video anywhere (ex: notes, Microsoft Word, Google Docs, etc.)

Click it and enjoy a world of video summarizations!

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