Wordtune allows you to alter your writing in five different styles of your choice, called tones, FOR FREE!

These tones include General Rewrite, Casual, Formal, Shortened, and Expanded. The Wordtune Editor is a great place to see all these tones at once. ✍️ Wordtune also offers spelling corrections, grammatical edits, and synonyms for your words!

We also just released a new feature called Spices! 🌶️ It is still a Beta version, and works by suggesting new sentences to enhance your text. It is currently only available in the Wordtune Editor, you can try it out here!

With the free version of Wordtune, your experience is limited to 10 rewrites per day. This way, users can sample and test the Wordtune writing experience! 🔟

With the Wordtune Premium Plan, you can experience an unlimited number of rewrites and additional features! ♾️ You'll receive VIP customer service, unrestricted access to all of Wordtune's functions, and will even be able to rewrite and apply different tones to whole paragraphs at one time (see more about rewriting paragraph’s here).

So there you have it! Wordtune Premium provides you with unlimited possibilities and allows you to take your writing to the next level, improving your vocabulary and fluency without limit. 🎉

If you are interested in subscribing to our premium monthly or yearly plan:

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