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Enhance your text with analogies, examples, statistical facts, and more

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Wordtune Spices is an AI writing toolset that aims to enhance human writing rather than replace it with machine-churned text. With Spices, you can enrich your current text by selecting from a menu of options that add unique sentences to your writing.

For example, Spices can help you quickly add relevant, cited, data to your research paper, such as a statistic or historical fact. Further, Spices can generate a counter-argument to add an opposing opinion, or generate a conclusion sentence to sum up your paragraph.

Our menu of 12+ Spices provides sentence suggestions for all types of content. The Spice feature can be found by clicking the Sparkle icon on the side of the Wordtune Editor, or using the keyboard shortcut "Shift" "+" ✨

Watch this video to learn how to use Spices:

Get Started:

1. On the Editor, paste your texts.

2. Click on the Spices icon, or the sparkle icon on the right side of the screen, or use the shortcut Shift + to open the menu of 12 Spices.

3. Select the Spice that you’d like to use to expand or improve your sentence. Once you choose a Spice, Wordtune will insert a suggestion to your text.

4. You can accept the suggestion by clicking Done or by pressing the Enter key on your keyboard.

5. You can also check to see for another suggestion by selecting Another Suggestion, or Previous suggestion to see the rest of the suggestions.

6. To select a different Spice, click on Back to List.

7. You can also instruct Wordtune to use your own Spice by clicking on the Spices option again, and entering your text in the Tell Wordtune What to Write textbox. This will automatically generate a sentence for you

At the moment, the Spices feature is available in the Wordtune Editor, Google Docs, and Gmail. We’re working hard to bring the Spices experience to other sites and platforms soon.

Spices is available on the following platforms:

Google Docs


Wordtune Extension

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