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Using Spices in the Wordtune Editor
Using Spices in the Wordtune Editor
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To learn how to use Spices on Wordtune Editor, watch this video or follow the steps written below.

1) First go to the Wordtune Editor and write your desired sentence.

2) Then click on the Spices button in the toolbar or on the Spices symbol on the right side of the Wordtune Editor. Additionally, you can open Spices with the shortcut shift "+".

3) Next, select one of the Spices to add a sentence to your text. For example: If you choose the option “Explain”, you can either “Accept” the suggestion, click “Another suggestion” or go “back to list” to select a different Spice option:

5) Once you press “Accept” the Spice suggestion will officially be added to your text.

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