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Wordtune Read: Library
Feel empowered to organize, remove, and streamline your documents in your very own Library with Wordtune Read
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In Wordtune Read you have always been able to see the list of what documents you have uploaded and summarized. On top of that, you were able access those previous documents by clicking on them in your library.

However, now we've given you a lot more control over your documents and your ability to organize them. 🀩

Check out the walkthrough video to see how it works:

Here are some of the features of this new library:

1) You can create folders:

2) You can delete documents, move them to a folder or leave them be:

3) You can upload documents DIRECTLY to folders:

4) You can also rename your folders:

So, you can see here that we have given you a lot more control and freedom with your Wordtune documents πŸ™Œ. Organize them, move them, and delete them as you see fit. Your documents, your experience πŸ’ͺ

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