What is Wordtune API?

Integrate Wordtune AI into your own Apps and products

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Wordtune offers its own application programming interface (API), with the same high-quality writing and reading capabilities that you know and love from Wordtune!

With Wordtune API, developers can integrate Wordtune’s cutting-edge natural language processing (NLP) technology into their own apps and platforms. Companies can also use Wordtune API to build AI-powered products that optimize users’ reading and writing tasks.

Wordtune API is only accessible through the AI21 Studio website, our platform where businesses and developers can use our models to build NLP-powered apps and services.

Wordtune API offers several task-specific APIs, available for both reading and writing capabilities, including:

  • Paraphrase, including rewriting text based on tone and length.

  • Grammatical Error Corrections, including spelling, grammar, punctuation, and more.

  • Text Improvements, including fluency, vocabulary, and clarity enhancements.

  • Text Segmentation, including the capability to separate large amounts of texts into distinct topics.

  • Summarization, including bullet-point overviews of free text or webpage URL documents and articles. To note, PDF summarization for this API will be supported in the future.

  • ... and more!

For more information about these task-specific APIs, visit our documentation page.

You can use Wordtune API without any background knowledge in NLPs, simply plug-and-play AI reading and writing experiences into your applications. Click here to sign up!

If you have any questions, please reach out to our support team via the messenger widget in the bottom right hand corner of this page. We’re here to help!

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