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Using Spices in Google Docs
Using Spices in Google Docs
Say goodbye to endless copying and pasting
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We’ve just added Spices to Google Docs 📃

Wordtune's Google Chrome extension is now fully integrated into Google Docs, which means that you can now use the Spices feature to effortlessly create high quality content with AI-generated text - all without needing to switch between apps.

To get started, follow the steps below:

1. Open Google Docs;
2. Find the Spices button on the top right corner of the document;

3. Open the Spices menu and select the Spice that you want to use;
4. Wordtune will generate text based on your selection; and

5. Select a suggestion you'd like to add to your text.

See the example below:

At the moment, the Spices feature is only available in Google Docs and the Wordtune Editor. We’re working hard to bring the Spices experience to other sites and platforms soon!

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