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Use "Create with AI” to ask the Wordtune iOS Mobile App to generate content for you:

emails, texts, social media posts, Instagram captions, and more.

Simply click "Create" on the Wordtune keyboard, enter your instructions, and let Wordtune do the writing for you. Or, ask Siri to "Create with Wordtune" for hands-free content generation on your phone.

To use Siri to "Create with Wordtune", please follow the steps below:

  1. Make sure all Siri Settings are Toggled on;

  2. Launch the Shortcuts App;

  3. Turn on WT shortcuts with Siri.

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Examples of prompts include:

  • "Write a Twitter thread about why vanilla ice cream is the best''.

  • “Write an email to my boss asking for clarification on his presentation."

  • “Write an Instagram caption for my trip to Portugal.”

The selected suggestion will wait in your Wordtune keyboard and be copied to your clipboard.

See it in action ⬇️

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