How to Use The Wordtune Editor

An overview of our Writing and Paraphrasing portion of our AI Workspace: The Editor

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The Wordtune Editor is your one-stop-shop for writing, editing, and generating text for all your writing assignments. Wordtune Editor doesn't require an extension. Simply open the webapp in any browser and start writing.

The Editor gives you access to all Wordtune features and is the best place to start your writing. You can enhance your writing, translate, use different tones, correct spelling and grammar, spice up your content with suggestions, and even draft entire posts.

Click the image below ⬇️ to watch a quick guide on how to use Wordtune Editor:

Get Started:

1. Open the editor through this link

2. On the left hand side, you’ll have the option to create a new document or work on your saved documents.

3. Within the document, you have a menu of options above just like Generate with AI. You can choose from the pre written AI templates, or create your own AI prompt.

4. Once you create an AI prompt, Wordtune will present the result and you can either accept it by clicking Done and Accept, or regenerate another prompt.

5. Within the Editor, you’ll also notice the Editor’s Notes. This gives you clarity, style, and spelling suggestions.

6. You can also see the Spices feature which helps you continue your writing, explain, add a conclusion, and more.

Note: There are two parts to our Webapp ( Called the AI Workspace). One is for Writing and Paraphrasing and one is for Reading and Summarizing. The Writing and Paraphrasing is what we are focusing on here, referring to it as the Editor.

Note how we switch between the two below:

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