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What is this tool about?

This feature allows you to generate emails, entire blog posts, meeting agendas, tweets, LinkedIn posts and so much more!

Simply type your specific instructions into the text box, or choose from one of the pre-set templates, and your content is ready to go.

How does it work?

First, open up a blank Editor page - and make sure no text is written within it.

Then, click on the “Create” button in your toolbar or click on “Generate with AI" in your Editor doc.

There are two options to choose from, creating your own prompt from scratch or using one of Wordtune’s pre-built templates. To create your own custom prompt, type your instructions in the “Tell Wordtune What to Generate” box, click the up-arrow, and Wordtune will produce results! After that, you can accept, regenerate, or discard the resulting text.

The second option is to choose a template - which includes 5 different categories ranging from business & marketing to personal messages. For example, in business you would find: Slack message, email, LinkedIn post, and more.

Still need a little more help? Here is what it looks like in action ⬇️:

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