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Manage your Wordtune Business Account
Manage your Wordtune Business Account

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Wordtune Business accounts are managed by a designated member of your team. The individual who sets up and pays for a Wordtune Business account is the account administrator.

Account administrators can:

  • Add and remove team members;

  • Set up custom brand rewrite tones; and

  • Access invoices.

Add/Remove Team Members

From the Manage Account page, account administrators can invite and remove team members from their Wordtune Business account. Individual team members must have their own, free Wordtune account with independent login credentials, in order to be added to the team by their account administrator.

Brand Tone

Account administrators can set up custom features for their team, including Brand Rewrite Tone and Custom Rules.

Wordtune Business Invoices

Account administrators can access invoices, which are found by navigating to the Account Page and clicking on Manage plan. Downloadable invoices are located under the section title "Billing".

If you are interested in upgrading to a Business account, please fill in this form. For specific support requests, please reach out to us via the chat in the lower right hand corner of this screen.

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