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How to install the Wordtune App and Keyboard on my Mobile
How to install the Wordtune App and Keyboard on my Mobile
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To begin the installation, click on and open the App Store. Once inside, search for Wordtune AI Writing.

Then, click "install" next to the Wordtune Keyboard App. Next download it to your device, and follow the provided installation instructions.

Once the app is installed, tap on it and it will launch.

If already you have a Wordtune account, tap Log in and enter your login credentials.

If you’re new to Wordtune, tap Sign Up to create an account.

Note: if you already use Google or Facebook to log into Wordtune (on your desktop), you’ll need to change over to using an email and password in order to use Wordtune for mobile. You can easily make this switch by resetting your password. Please refer to this article for more information on resetting your password and logging into your Wordtune Mobile App.

Once that is complete, you will need to follow these steps to set up the Wordtune Keyboard:

1. After logging in, you’ll see the "Keyboard Set Up" screen. From the "Keyboard Set Up" screen, scroll to the bottom and tap on the purple “Open iOS Settings” button.

2. This will take you to the Wordtune Settings on your iOS Settings app

3. Once you have reached the "Settings" page, click on the Keyboard menu item to go to the Keyboard access page

Note: if you can’t see the keyboard menu item, simply close the Settings app, go back to the Wordtune app and tap on “Settings” or “Open iOS Settings” buttons once more.

4. After you've completed the previous steps, Wordtune will appear once the keyboard is toggled on. Additionally, make sure to toggle on the "Allow Full Access" option, in order to enable Wordtune Mobile Keyboard to work throughout your phone.

5. Next, make sure the keyboard was set up correctly. You can do this, by revisiting the Wordtune app. If everything is set up correctly, you should see the message saying" You're all set!"

If that's the case, you can then access the Wordtune Keyboard by tapping the keyboard button on your device.

This person set up their keyboard correctly:

Now that your Keyboard is installed and ready to go, please refer to this article in order to get started

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