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All of Wordtune's Keyboard Features explained!

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✨ With Wordtune Keyboard for iOS, you can easily create content no matter where you are!

Rewrite On The Go

The "Rewrite" function on Wordtune allows you to make adjustments to your text by providing different tones and suggestions.

It helps you enhance and rephrase your writing to improve clarity, conciseness, and style. Whether you're working on messages, social media posts, or even captions, Wordtune's rewrite option provides a convenient way to generate content that meets your needs.

More in the video below:

As shown in the video, follow these steps to use the Wordtune iOS Mobile App:

  1. Make sure you're logged into your Wordtune account on the iOS mobile app.

  2. Open any writing app and enter your text.

  3. Click the globe icon 🌐 in the bottom lefthand corner of your keyboard, and switch to the Wordtune keyboard.

  4. Place your cursor on any sentence, and select your preferred Rewrite tone.

  5. Select the rewrite suggestion that best suits you, and Wordtune will replace the sentence with your choice.

Smart Email Reply

👉🏻 Using Wordtune's Smart Email Reply, you can easily craft the perfect reply to your emails. Smart Email Reply is a list of ready-to-go suggestions you can insert directly into your email drafts, allowing you to strike the right tone and enhance your replies in seconds!

To get started:

1. Hit reply on any email on any email app.

2. Click the globe icon 🌐 in the bottom lefthand corner of your keyboard, and switch to the Wordtune keyboard.

5. From the "Create with AI" tab, click "Draft Reply"

4. Choose from Wordtune's generated list of suggestions. Select your preference, review the draft response, and tap to paste it into your email reply draft.

Create With AI

Wordtune Keyboard can generate content for you using "Create with AI": Messages, texts, social media posts, Instagram captions, and more.

Click "Create" on the Wordtune keyboard and enter your instructions.

Example Prompts:

  • "Write a Twitter thread about why vanilla ice cream is the best''.

  • “Write an email to my boss asking for clarification on his presentation."

  • “Write an Instagram caption for my trip to Portugal.”

Wordtune will copy the selected suggestion to your clipboard.

If you have any questions, reach out to us by clicking on the messenger icon in the lower-right corner of this screen.

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