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Wordtune App Features

All of Wordtune's iOS App Features explained!

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✨ With the Wordtune iOS App, you can easily create content no matter where you are!

Rewrite On The Go

The "Rewrite" function on Wordtune allows you to make adjustments to your text by providing different tones and suggestions.

It helps you enhance and rephrase your writing to improve clarity, conciseness, and style. Whether you're working on messages, social media posts, or even captions, Wordtune's rewrite option provides a convenient way to generate content that meets your needs.

More in the video below:

Create With AI

Create with AI on the Wordtune App for easy content creation! Create anything from messages, texts, social media posts, Instagram captions, or even just ask Wordtune to explain a question you have!

Example Prompts:

  • "Write a 3 day itinerary for Rome including Rome''.

  • “Write an email to my boss asking for clarification on his presentation."

  • “Write an Instagram post for my stories.”

Wordtune will copy the selected suggestion to your clipboard.

Summarize With Wordtune

You can access the "Summarizer" by clicking the "Summary Tab" at the bottom of the homescreen. Just paste a text or URL into the app, and you'll see a summary and the original. You can share, edit, or copy the summary from anywhere in the world.

The Summary Tab can be found in the tabs menu at the bottom right corner of the homescreen: Upon clicking the Summarize tab, you will be directed to the summary page: Start by copying and pasting the text or pasting a URL into the app. The summary will be displayed along with the original text.

If you have any questions, reach out to us by clicking on the messenger icon in the lower-right corner of this screen.

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