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Wordtune's AI Workspace: Summary Features

Text too long? Do you want to absorb reading material in half the time? Check out our Summaries' Features!

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📑 How to Use Wordtune Summarizing Tool

The Summarizer offers a revolutionary reading experience that helps you summarize long documents and articles, so you can save time and skim the key points.

Using our advanced AI algorithms, Wordtune creates a summary for you — like a study guide — for any article or document you want to read.

💡Did you know? You can even summarize Youtube videos with our Chrome Extension or Edge-on

You can import an URL from the Internet, upload a PDF file from your computer, or paste text into the box. PDF files can be uploaded by dragging and dropping or clicking the "browse" button.

Wordtune will add short summaries next to each passage of the original text. When hovering over a summary, highlights will appear over the original text, showing you what the key points are.

Among the other unique features are:

  • The AI Workspace Libraries, provide an easy way to organize your documents.

  • The Notes Tab, for you to add your own personal memos to each document summary.

  • A Keyword Search Toolbar, to focus your search with keywords and phrases.

  • A Feature Panel to easily navigate, reword, copy, and export Read's summaries.

📚 AI Workspace Libraries

On the left-hand menu of the Workspace, you will notice 2 library panels. All your documents are stored here, and there are several ways to manage them within your libraries, including:

  • Create new documents

  • Rename documents

  • Delete documents

  • Upload new summaries

👉🏻 Here's more information on AI Workspace Libraries complete with a video guide!

🗄️ Supported Documents

👉🏻 Wordtune can read and summarize several types of content, including:

  • Online publications (e.g., blog posts, web pages, news articles)

  • PDF files

  • Written or pasted text

  • YouTube videos (when using the Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge extension)

How does it work?

Upload PDF: Upload or drag a PDF directly from your files.

Import Link: Copy and paste any article URL (including PDF URLs).

Paste Text: Copy and paste any text into the summarizer text box.

Why can't Wordtune open my PDF file?

  • Wordtune may not support all scanned PDF files.

  • Wordtune may not support large PDF files, with 300+ pages or 10MB+ file sizes.

  • Wordtune may not support online PDFs behind a payment wall or PDFs that require authorization, such as academic paper with restricted access.

Why can’t Wordtune open my online article?

  • Check whether the article is blocked behind a payment wall or requires additional authorization (such as a Google Document with sharing requirements).

  • Occasionally, Wordtune can’t parse a particular website well. Reach out to us via the messenger icon and we will try to add support to this website.

🎥 Summarize Youtube Videos

✨Wordtune's extension can summarize Youtube videos!

Let's get started and show you how:

  • First thing's first, download the Wordtune extension from the Chrome Web Store (here)

  • Next, you'll want to watch the video below in order to learn how to summarize videos with Wordtune:

Get Started:

1. Make sure the extensions are installed

2. Hover your mouse over your Youtube video to see the Wordtune icon in the upper right corner.

3. Click on the extension in your browser and select the puzzle piece icon if you don't see the icon.

Once you have it set up, play any Youtube video and the extension will appear instantly.

💡 It's important to note that the first time you use it, you MAY need to click the extension icon at the top right corner of your screen, in order for it to appear. In this situation, you will either click the puzzle piece icon OR the Wordtune icon, if it's already visible ( I did the latter, in the Gif below)

Following which, you would click "Open Summarization Panel" on the Wordtune pop up.

Summary boxes will then appear in the extension, summarizing what was said in the video. Each summary box will have a timestamp. Having a timestamp means that you can click a chosen box and it will bring you to that exact part of the video you are watching.

On the top right corner of the the extension window you'll have the option to "Open in Website. Click that icon and you'll be taken to your AI Workspace (Our Webapp). There you can then copy all of the summarized text from the video to paste nearly anywhere you choose (ex: notes, Microsoft Word, Google Docs, etc.) or download your text as a document.

🔎Semantic Search

👉🏻 With the semantic search tool, you can customize your summary results by inserting a keyword or complex phrase that you want to focus on. Alternatively, you can select a topic from our list of popular keywords.

Then, Wordtune will summarize the results related to the word or phrase you searched.

If you want to search for another keyword or phrase, you can clear your "Focus" in the toolbar at the top of the page.

🗂️ Section Summaries

👉🏻 The Summarizer helps you skim the key points of long articles and documents by creating a summary of any text you want to read. For example, you can quickly scan a long document and pick out the main points that matter, without having to read through the entire thing.

It’s now easy to customize your Wordtune experience with Section Summaries. By clicking on the arrow ➤ at the left side of your summary page, you can view a detailed bullet points of sections of your interest so you don’t have to sift through irrelevant stuff.

Here's how it works:

  • Upload a PDF, or paste the document link into the Summarizer.

  • On the left hand side of the screen, view Wordtune’s summary.

  • Hover over summaries, and click ➤ icon under each section title to view a detail bullet point of sections

  • To gain further insight or to search for specific information, you can use the Ask your Library feature to find exactly what you need.

Check out the GIF below to see it in action:

💡Ask Your Summaries

The feature, "Ask your Summaries", allows you to ask questions and find all answers in your library from your document repository.

Here are some guidelines for asking your library a question, check it out!

How to ask your summaries a question?

  • On the left-hand menu of the Workspace, hit "Ask your summaries"

  • Either select a pre written question or ask away!

  • Choose a summary

In case we couldn't find an answer to your question, you will receive the message “No matches found in your Library”. Make sure you are asking questions related to your documents.

If you have any questions, reach out to us by clicking on the messenger icon in the lower-right corner of this screen.

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