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With Wordtune's AI Workspace, you can seamlessly focus both on writing and summarizing!

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Welcome to Wordtune!

Wordtune is a Generative AI platform for work productivity. By using reliable Generative AI, you can rephrase sentences and paragraphs, adjust your tone, generate text, and much more!

Whether you’re writing emails, creating documents or sending instant messages to colleagues or clients, Wordtune perfects your writing while streamlining your work using AI.

💡Did you know?

With Wordtune, you can condense lengthy texts, articles, PDFs, or even YouTube videos, so you can absorb more information in less time.

Our new AI Workspace combines paraphrasing and summarizing into one workspace

From the left-hand menu, you can access all the documents you've written (pages) and reading material (summaries).

✨New to Wordtune?

The Wordtune AI Workspace, previously known as the Editor, doesn't require an extension. Simply open the webapp in any browser and start writing.

Wordtune's AI Workspace provides access to all of Wordtune's features. You can enhance your writing, translate, use different tones, correct spelling and grammar, spice up your content with suggestions.

👇🏼 Here's a video on how to navigate your AI Workspace in a nutshell if you've missed the onboarding:

To Get Started:

Click on "New Page" to write or "New Summary" to upload

📝 Pages:

  • Use the Rewrite tool for either sentences or entire paragraphs

  • Play with the different tones, shorten or expand

  • Spice things up using our "Contextual Suggestions" tool

  • Name your page

📖 Summaries:

  • Upload PDFs, Blogs or a URL to summarize content into bite sized texts for easy reading

  • You can ask your summaries a question relating to your library

✨ Before you go, remember:

You can access Wordtune's reading and writing tools for free with a limit, but if you'd like to have access to our full features and Generative-AI capabilities, you'll want to check out our Premium Plan.

If you have any questions, reach out to us by clicking on the messenger icon in the lower-right corner of this screen.

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